4 Tips on Marketing Webinars

Operating in competitive markets means it becomes a necessity for businesses to find innovative ways to reach out to their target market. Webinars are just one of the effective platforms today that is highly maximized by enterprises in marketing their products and/or services.

In fact, an A-B testing report featured by Marketing Sherpa said that there is an increase in the amount of people attending webinars between 2011-2014 by 400 percent, and registration by 352 percent – making it a strong platform for boosting revenues.

However, without proper guidelines on how to strategize your webinar marketing campaign, it’s difficult to guarantee success for your business. This post will show you what you need to market effectively through webinars.


1. Focus on them and never go for the hard sell

Similar to any marketing campaigns, selling products and/or services via webinars has to be subtle. You do not want to sound pushy, as many clients often decline proposals due to a hard sell. Deliver your message or content by presenting them with genuine value. Address their concerns and provide them with actionable advice, including the service of your company. Although the main goal is to promote your goods and eventually get them to purchase one, you have to leave that at the end after presenting all your resolutions to them.

TIP: The best way is to position your brand as experts in handling their issue at hand, and that your team is the right and reliable solution to their problems.


2. The campaign has to be effective on all platforms

There are various software and applications available on the market today to create webinars. We highly recommend that you maximize platforms that have a high usage, an interactive interface, and has a good performance reviews from its users. Tools that can be accessed via PC/laptop and through mobile devices have a higher success rate (such as Skype and ooVoo), especially since people are now more attached to their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices are now smarter than the gadgets we used to have two to three years ago. Mobile’s now boasts built-in productivity features that enterprises and personnel can use for work purposes, including video conferencing features. The iPad, in particular, comes with FaceTime, which is an effective webinar platform for those who are into B2B as nine out of 10 organizations support Apple devices. Currently, all Apple’s recently released iPads come with FaceTime that is made more reliable with the Continuity function that allows users to take and receive their FaceTime calls via their Mac PC, laptop, or other Apple devices. The same can be said with Android devices (and Apple as well) with Google Hangout app.


3. RSVPs should be your VIP

To garner more attention, consider adding something extra to the webinar such as incorporating special offers, supporting materials, related references, and replays on demand during the meetings. Ask people to sign up for your RSVP list to get the offer. It will also allow you to gather additional information about your clients, as it will require them to sign up and fill in an information sheet. At the end of it all, it is going to be for the benefit of your business. These extras will help keep prospective clients to the sales funnel after the meeting.

TIP: Let your audience know ahead of time regarding the special offers. State it clear in your marketing message that they will get all the extras upon signing up and attending the meeting.


4. Apply interactive material

Similar to a classroom experience, make your meetings more interactive by applying various visuals and engaging materials in your discussion. Add engagement and value to your webinar by using various images such as infographics or videos to present your thoughts. Make sure that you have active participants and not passive observers. You can also make it more interactive by asking a few questions within your audience regarding the topic and following it up with the rest of your discussion. There are various tools you can maximize with your webinars such as online polls and chat rooms.

TIP: Make your meeting a learning process for your audience. Provide additional educational pieces that they can access after the webinar either through their email or via your social media platforms. It will be as a form of your follow up to your potential clients, reminding them about your offer and how it can help.


Other trends are expected to flourish in the coming years that will change the way we do our business meetings, especially with the increase in the demand for new forms of devices like wearables.

How do you expect smartwatches and smart headsets to revolutionize webinars?


This blog post has been written by:

Jennifer Birch

Jennifer Birch

Jenn Birch loves writing about tech and how it aids us in our everyday lives and professions. She believes that although it has been helping us tremendously already, we have yet to unlock its full potential. She plans to join a small group of event organizers in the future with her sister.

Follow her on Twitter @WrittenbyJenni.

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