Should we change shape to webinars?

Changing shape to webinarsFree webinars today became an effective promotional tool for sharing good content while raising the exposure of a company brand.

Many companies in our industry are organizing webinars on very interesting topics and involving well skilled speakers with just that purpose. Past week I attended a webinar presented by Dahlia El Gazzar on the use of Evernote for events and a few days later I’ve been asked to present one for etouches on social media for meetings and events, to share the experience we gained through the social media strategy we set up for the FRESH Conference and the publication of the Re-FRESHing social media guide we used for the past edition of the conference in January 2013. Read more

Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the meeting industry

Meeting professionals, the University of Sassari (Italy) needs your help for an academic research:

The usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the meeting industry

Giacomo Del Chiappa is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the University of Sassari (Italy) and he is currently conducting a research study which aims to investigate the strategic application of information and communication technology by meeting organizers, with Information and communication technology (ICT) conceived as an umbrella term that includes all technologies for the manipulation and communication of information, such as computer and network hardware, mobile and wireless technologies as well as social media, etc. Read more

Who is the real buyer who deserves to be hosted?

Today I was thinking about the criteria used by the organizers while selecting the right buyers they would prefer to host in occasion of the next tradeshows, exhibitions and workshops they organize for our industry.

When you apply to be hosted you fill in a form where they ask you to write detailed information about at least 3 past events you organized and usually at least 3 future events you are going to organize in the near future.

They ask you what are your partners in managing the event, what is the venue, what is the dimension of the event in terms of number of participants and so on.

Then, in order to evaluate your ranking, they check your references calling the venues you should have booked, calling the partners you mentioned in your form and in a very efficient way they examine if you are an “honest real buyer” who deserve to be hosted or if you are a “buyer by profession” meaning with this second definition those who made of being a hosted buyer their main job. Read more

Brilliant outcomes at the kick-off meeting of The Fresh Conference 2013

Great minds and great professionals worked the past weekend to build the next big success of The Fresh Conference, the annual event fully dedicated to design meetings in the most effective way.

In Copenhagen, at the Crown Plaza Tower, 14 meeting professionals with different skills and know-how (this is only a part of the great team that is working for FRESH13) met with the challenging aim of making it even better…

We were looking for something new, something unexpected for this second edition of The Fresh Conference… and at the same time something so useful and precious that no one would like to miss it. Read more

Financial Times Digital Media Conference, good ideas to catch and use

The event:

I attended the Financial Times annual FT Digital Media Conference that took place at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel in London on 7-8 March 2012.
The objective of the conference was to bring together innovators and business leaders from the world’s most influential media companies to share their thoughts on how to succeed in this new connected world made by multi-devices, multi-screens and evolving platforms that continues to soar. And the business leaders were really there: The Senior Economist of Google, the Chairman of Walt Disney International, the President of Condé Nast International and leaders from Digital, Channel 4, aNobii, Delicious, Adobe, BBC, eBay, DreamWorks Animation and many others. Read more

Visitors from 45 states and 191 cities around the world for this website, thanks!

I’m really impressed about the data collected with Google Analytic about this website.

We had visitors from 65 states and 372 cities around the world in 4 months…

Stay with us and spread the word…  thank you very much!

Food and Mood at Events – Do they have a mutual influence?

I personally experienced at the Crown Plaza Tower in Copenhagen the mutual influence of the food and the mood of the attendees at an event.

The first day of The Fresh Conference started very early, at 8:00 o’clock in the morning the plenary room was full of attendees. As soon as they closed the door, the food and beverage team of the hotel started to set up the first coffee break.

Immediately, as I usually do, I kept an eye checking if everything was in order and I saw, with a mix of surprise and worries, that the set up and the food were completely different from my expectations of a “typical” coffee break. Read more