We started publishing a series of interactive iBook guides dedicated to meeting professionals with the aim of enriching the knowledge of specific topics and aspects that are in some way connected to other sectors, bridging the gap between the Meeting Industry and other lines of business.

We strive to give an answer to many meeting and event professionals who, with their already full agendas, are not able to dedicate enough time to some areas that appear so “technologically” far away from their comfort zone…

We are particularly proud of this first step because it is the tangible result of our project to gather the expertise and the efforts of many individuals working with professionalism and passion to make our industry grow.

These individuals are a great community of creative thinkers, meeting designers, strategists, and problem solvers and I thank each one of them for their contribution and the daily exchange of precious thoughts.

We look forward to your input, comments and feedback.


The purpose of this interactive iBook guide is to give you examples and tips on what should be included in the Request for Proposal for your event mobile application.

The iBook (readable only on iPads with iBooks app) is now available for FREE in the Apple store:


or, if you prefer, you can download it as a pdf file (no email required): http://bit.ly/1CQF3O1