Event professionals why care about iPad?

iPad or other tablets?

The result of a poll made with the voting system during a training session that I’ve attended at EIBTM 2011 in Barcelona shows that the participants to the session had:

  1. 53%   iPad
  2. 13%   Android
  3.  6%   Other Tablet
  4. 28%   No Tablet

Taking into account that the iPad is the fastest selling device in history and that more than 25 million iPads have already been sold, what are the problems and the opportunities that an Event Professionals need to face?

I was reading an interesting post on My Meeting Professional blog reporting that an iPad places huge demands on hotel Wi-Fi systems because it consume 400% more Wi-Fi data on a monthly basis than the average iPhone, iPod or Android device.

This is the result of the very interesting iBAHN’s white paper (iBAHN is a provider of digital information and entertainment for the hospitality Industry)

In my opinion, the use of WiFi data is the first problem to face.

The second that I personally experienced is the security system of the WiFi of the hotels and venues. Their networks, even if the WiFi connection is perfectly working, usually don’t allow to connect devices among themselves.

This of course needs to be checked and solved if you are planning to use and take advantage from the great solutions offered by this devices with the thousands of apps for meetings and conferences available in the Appstore to brainstorm… to vote… to take note… to share and so on.

To understand and to take some of the opportunities offered by iPad and Apps for meetings and event take a look below at the slides of the presentation I made at The Fresh Conference and see the post about the Guide to iPad Apps for Meetings & Events.

In the presentation you can find also some interesting results of the questions I’ve asked to the attendees using the voting system.

Then why Event professionals need to care about iPad?

So keeping this in mind, hoteliers, event professionals and meeting planners must quickly be able to support these devices and to make effective use of them ensuring that attendees can connect at a level they find acceptable and of course their costs are contained in order to maximise the Return on Investment.