Food and Mood at Events – Do they have a mutual influence?

I personally experienced at the Crown Plaza Tower in Copenhagen the mutual influence of the food and the mood of the attendees at an event.

The first day of The Fresh Conference started very early, at 8:00 o’clock in the morning the plenary room was full of attendees. As soon as they closed the door, the food and beverage team of the hotel started to set up the first coffee break.

Immediately, as I usually do, I kept an eye checking if everything was in order and I saw, with a mix of surprise and worries, that the set up and the food were completely different from my expectations of a “typical” coffee break.

A typical coffee break for an organizer is a kind of “comfort zone” where you know that the happyness of your attendees is granted by the fact that you are providing exactly what they know and they are looking for.

The staff of the hotel was really innovative, they changed colors for every break set up, they mixed fruit salty and sweet with an high quality of healthy food.

Every break was a little event in the event, with a “special effect” during the closing buffet with smoothed lights and smoke (made with the dry ice) coming out from the compositions on the tables.

Hoping that you can take some insipiration for your event I share the pictures of the Fresh Conference buffets and the video with the standing ovation made by the attendees to the chef of the Crown Plaza Tower of Copenhagen and his wonderful and “always smiling” staff.


Watch the video in The Fresh Conference website or below:

Video provided by Klewel

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