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TradeshowsThe period of the next trade shows is very close, in the meeting industry the next important appointments are IMEX Frankfurt in the end of May and AIBTM in June, closer than they appear.

Are you ready to maximize the results of your participation?

Whether you are attending as an exhibitor or buyer, there is plenty of mobile apps that can allow you to use your mobile devices to take the best out of these important trade shows.There are some key points in managing your participation at trade shows that are well known. A list of things to do before going, another one on things to do when attending and hopefully one for the steps to follow-up after the trade show.

This is not going to be a lesson about marketing or sale strategies.

What I think you would agree with me is that we all are always under pressure and with so little time to dedicate in preparing those kind of meetings that finding easy-to-use solution with almost no budget required can appear to be a pipe dream.

Even if we recognize the big value of trade shows for our business and if we are investing time and money to be there, we seem to look for a way to escape all the boring steps connected with organizing and managing our presence there.DSCF0743

The Appstore is full of apps and making a search with the words “trade show” can give you back with some good results.

The plus that I’d love to give you in this article concerns those other applications that often have been developed for a completely different purpose and, when viewed from a different angle can be great solutions for smoothing the effort needed to make this appointments profitable.


Here are some iPad APPS and other useful link or tools I selected for you:

Plan your trade show
Tradeshow result
Trade Show Results Multiplier

Get more done at your next trade show. This powerful productivity tool will work at any trade show, without having to download a special app for the conference or event you are attending.Touching a button (on the app) you can email yourself a complete action plan of all your results as well as a PowerPoint presentation of everything you achieved.

I find this app a good solution to organize and manage many aspects of your participation to trade shows.

It is suitable for both, buyers and exhibitors and it has several features dedicated to managing the right information you need when attending this kind of events but you need to fill in all the information by yourself to customize it. Of course, this is not a replacement for the official apps but, if you have time to create your own plan it can be a good tool during the event and for reporting it.



Take a look at their video here: if you think it can be a good solution for you, try the free version and evaluate to purchase the professional version, which has the emailing capabilities for your data.


Contact’s exchange and mailing list signup tools

Networking is unquestionably one of the most important reason why we all attend trade shows. A good networking can foster beneficial relationships with potential business partners and customers.
So, let’s try to make it simple and easy!

Have you ever thought to create a QR-code with your contact details in it? And are you aware of the fact that simply scanning that QR you can save the information in your address book with only one click?

Try it now:
This is ME – Scan it and add me to your address book with just one click!

My contact QR

If you do not have an app to scan a QR you can download a free one in the app store or use one of those I listed below:

OK nothing new so far, some people have printed this kind of QRcodes with all the info on their business card, and during an official dinner at a past trade show, I saw some of the meeting professionals that I respect more, playing like kids to scan the QR on some of the business cards and adding them to their mobile phones address books. But let me now share with you how it is easy to create a QRcode with your contact details and how it can be really helpful if the process is well coped.

1 step – create the QR

Apps to do it

Choose a contact and share the generated QR Code. Any device reading the QR Code will be able to import the VCard.

Easy QR

Easy QR is a tool for you to generate and scan QR code. You can generate QR code from your contact list or any information you input.  Easy QR will help you to save them into your contact list.

Do you feel more comfortable using a website?

The QRcode Generator –

QRcode generator

2 step – Place it on the stand, on your badge, on your mobile device or print it on a poster or business card.

It easy to do and super easy for exhibitors, buyers or visitors to scan and save it directly in their mobile device address book.

If it works well for you, you can save your QR in the image folder of your mobile device and show it when you need it, or you can print it on your business card, badge, or you can show it in a big poster on a wall of your stand, maybe together with all the other QR with the contact details of the other members of your company staff or event team.

3 step – ask people to scan it and offer them to create the same QR code for them with their business contact details.

It’s green! Let’s stop wasting paper.

4 step – save the data on your address book and export them to your database.

Please consider that in the IOS address book you can create groups, and if you don’t want to have the address book synchronized with other devices you can easily export your database and upload it on another device.

It is very important for us to collect email addresses if we want to follow-up via email or if we want to increase our data base. Then this is a good way to do it and, at the end of the show, if you use MailChimp for your promotional email and you are a MAC owner you can use Chimport mac-app to export the selected address to your web MailChimp database.


Chimport – MAC app

Export your Apple address book directly to your Mailchimp list. A utility app for MAC that allows you to selectively export contacts from your Apple address book directly to a Mailchimp list. Chimport uploads email, first name and last name from your contact entries to your list. If an Address Book contact already exists on your MailChimp list, Chimport will try to update the first and last name fields. For more information:


Mailing list sign-up tools

Let’s go back to mobile apps and considering that we mentioned Mailchimp, I suggest you one app that helps you to collect subscriptions for your newsletter or for whatever promotional database you use Mailchimp.



Meet your new signup form. Chimpadeedoo makes it easy to collect email addresses from your iPad and import them into MailChimp. Works offline


You can create your customized page with the information about your company or your event and place the iPad on the desk of your stand.

You do not need anything else than asking visitors and buyers to fill in their email address and name and at the end of the trade show you can easily export the contact details collected to your Mailchimp account.

In the screenshot below you can see an example of Chimpadeedoo at work:



Do not use Mailchimp? No problem.

Sign up events is the app for you.

Easily sign up names, emails and phone numbers. It allows you to collect names, email addresses, phone numbers, comments, or any other information you need from your visitors by having them fill out the blank fields as they enter. Each field is customizable and you can add custom images to the signup form. These will automatically fade in and out in a visually pleasing way.

After the information has been collected, you can store it by sending it to yourself via email. Perfect for trade shows! Simply put your iPad on the table and direct your potential clients to fill it out.

Sign up

Sign-Up Events

Gather Leads from Trade Shows! Easily sign up names, emails and phone numbers from visitors to your trade show booth, kiosk, storefront and office



Recording all relevant data in a central system

quick lead

Quick lead

QuickLead is the ideal iPad lead capture tool for trade shows. It’s simple, quick, easy to use, and records all your leads in a central system.


QuickLead is the perfect trade show app if you’re looking for a tool to record all relevant data in a central system.

No more irritating and time-consuming typing in of information once the trade show is over. The Excel export function means you can process your leads digitally and import all the data into your preferred CRM, email marketing or other systems.


There is so much left to say about apps suitable for managing other trade shows activities that I think I will write very soon a second article on this topic.

We still might see together what are the best apps to:

Take surveys

Create and show presentation of your company and products

Attendance & Time Tracking

Build memories to share, making videos or taking pictures with Your visitor to promote your company on social media

Use your iPad as a sign

Tradeshow abroad? WiFi problem solving


This is just a taste of what can be done with iPads and mobile phones at a trade show.

More ideas and solutions to use apps for meetings and events will be presented at IMEX Frankfurt in the app bar at the 3 sessions I am going to present there.

Save the date in your agenda:[box title=”Tuesday May 21st, 2013 – 2:00pm – 2:30pm” color=”#800000″] Exploring the iPad Apps for Meetings and Events [/box]

[box title=”Wednesday May 22nd, 2013 – 12:00pm – 12:30pm” color=”#800000″] Collaborative and Interactive Sessions Using Apps [/box]

[box title=”Thursday May 23rd, 2013 – 12:00pm – 12:30pm” color=”#800000″] Apps to Facilitate Networking in Hybrid Meetings [/box]

I look forward to your comments, your contributions and if you are attending IMEX to see you in Frankfurt.

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