Speaking or attending a Campfire session at IMEX America?

Lilypad app screenshotI’ve been invited as a speaker to IMEX America, the America’s Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events, to hold two campfire sessions about “How to Write a Good RFP for your Conference Mobile Application” and “Audience Generated Content – Web Solutions for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings” in the Tech Pavilion.

Despite the name of the Pavilion these two sessions are in the campfire format, that means that you will not have available any kind of tech support.

I am ok with that but…

I like to be challenged and, as you can see in this website, my motto is “innovative solutions for meetings and events” and now I was looking for the right solution for myself in order to share my slides with the participants without projector or screens.

In my continued search for top applications and tools for events, a few months ago I have stumbled across a hot new startup with roots in Florida and New York.
LilyPad Solutions, the makers of the LilyPad App. A FREE app.

I tested their app for the first time speaking at the Association Congress in Liverpool this past July and their concept is fairly straight forward.

The LilyPad app allows a presenter or meeting organizer to broadcast their content to all attendees through their iPads without any restrictions to the number of devices connected (wifi permitting!).

Attendees can follow along with the presenter or drive the slides at their own speed. What is really sharp about LilyPad for the attendees of the meeting is the note taking capabilities.
The ability to take notes right on top of meeting content, or type notes alongside each slide really takes note-taking to a new level, allowing attendees to keep up with the meeting flow by not having to write as much to recall later.

LilyPad also includes a few interactive features that assist presenters in reading their audience, while also keeping the audience engaged in the conversation. Live Polls pop up on the user interface and build live graphs as each user answers the questions.
The Question Feed lets any user ask a question to the presenter without the embarrassment of raising their hand. The presenter can then decide which questions are best answered live and which are better left for future follow up.

I have had some great interaction with this young company about how to improve the app features to best meet the needs of event professionals and they seem willing and capable of continuing to innovate their platform as user feedback comes in.

This is why I plan on using LilyPad at two sessions I will be running at the IMEX show in Vegas in October.

More engaging meetings, better interaction with attendees, note taking right on top of meeting content, follow up emails with full recaps of each meeting. Now we are cooking with fire!

Are you interested in attending my sessions and see how LilyPad app works? Download the app from the Link below and register today to our sessions:

[button link=”http://www.eventagist.com/imex-america-eventagist-sessions-registration-form/” color=”#000″ size=”3″ style=”1″ dark=”0″ square=”0″] Registration Form [/button]

Are you an IMEX speaker? Are you worried about how to solve your Tech issue?

Give it a try. I will be glad to keep you in contact with Peter and Eric if you have specific requirements or needs.



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