The #FRESH13 Conference as a Social Media case study?

The FRESH Conference
is the annual conference organized by Meeting Support Institute dedicated to meetings professionals and focused on designing effective meetings.

FRESH will be in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 13-15 January 2013 and, for almost 3 days, we will explore together meeting formats, session formats, presentation formats, tools and techniques.

The FRESH13 adventure is not just theory, but thorough practical experience.

What we like the most regarding The FRESH Conference, beside the opportunity to experiment new stuff related to meeting design without having any fear of failing, is the sense of belonging to a tribe.

We proudly work together with a very well skilled international team in organizing the FRESH Conference, since the first edition in January 2012.

With this tribe, we helped in designing the program and setting up the social media strategy and promotional campaign for the conference.

The aim of this post is to share with you a little piece of our work, the ReFRESHing Social Media guide, wishing this document might be of help for your next event and at the same time trusting to have you as a new member of our FRESH Community.

Social Media for meetings and events are immediate channels that drive the conversation through networked collaboration and active participation, but not always meetings organizers have the time or budget to set up a strategic plan for communication on social media.

This is the reason why we thought that having a short guideline on how to use the most important social media channels for their conferences might have been something useful.

ReFRESHing Social Media drummed up a great interest and it has been shared and reshared several times. More than 1000 viewers in less than 10 days from the upload.
The reason of this attention is, in our opinion, due to the fact that the guide has been made with a double purpose:

1. to give instructions on how to use social media for and at the Fresh Conference

2. to give some examples and tips to Meeting professionals on how to set up their own conference social media strategy.

The guide tells you everything you need to know to join the FRESH tribe and to share your knowledge and experience before, during and after the Fresh Conference and, at the same time, it gives you inspiration on how you can apply the same social media model to the meetings you plan and design.

There you will find tips on how to share information and to interact with your event community on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Slideshare, Youtube and Vimeo.

The guide is freely downloadable and it is an interactive pdf, so you can scan QRcodes and click all the links you find in it.

In our campaign we have been supported also by other eventprofs, like for example Dennis Shiao Director of Product Marketing at INXPO, that published my guest post about FRESH in his blog It’s All Virtual.
The title is 5 Reasons Meeting and Event Planners Should Attend The FRESH Conference, so if you still need to find a reason to attend FRESH, have a look at it!

It has generated and it is still generating a big amount of tweets and retweets about our event.

Is FRESH already a case study before the conference take place?

We appreciate your comments and suggestions to improve our work and of course we count on your support.

This is a QRcode with a double use:

you can scan it with your smartphone or tablet

or simply click it to help us spreading the word about FRESH…

It is a tweet ready for you

Because we want you to save your energy to type your personal data in the FRESH Conference registration form.

Here is the code for a 20% discount on the registration fee reserved to:

  • Meeting owner
  • In-house meeting planner (corporate or association)
  • Meeting planner within a communications/event agency or PCO
  • Meeting procurement
  • Meeting architect/designer/producer
  • Facilitator/Moderator
  • Consultant/Trainer
  • Education/Research

Discount code: smc-FRESH13-buyer-20%

For MPI Meeting Planners we reserve a special discount of 25%.

Discount code: MPI-Buyer-Discount-Fresh13-25%

And if you are an EVENTagist Community Member… well that’s another story, contact me and you will have a significantly higher discount!

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