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Two full days in Rimini at the BTC, the Italian trade show dedicated to meetings and events, with a very interesting education program.

I was there to hold two seminars: the first one, the 21st of June, was about Mobile applications and web tools for event organisation, the second one, presented the day after – the 22nd of June, was about Hybrid Events: theories and techniques to extend the reach of an event.

The number of participants registered to attend these two seminars was very large.

This is a confirmation the high interest of our peers on these topics. As a matter of fact more than 120 people attended these sessions, the meeting room (with a capacity of 90 seats) was completely full and many participants were standing in the back part of the room. If on one hand I am very happy with this large participation, on the other hand I am really sorry for the ones who haven’t had the opportunity to attend because the room was too full.

Even the organizers of BTC were surprised and didn’t expect a such big audience. I hope this post and the slides published below would be helpful to have an exhaustive overview. In any case I am available for any clarifications you may need.

The two sessions in some way were strictly connected. Web tools and applications for mobile devices are among the most important technology tools you need to use if you want to organize an effective hybrid meeting. The reason has to be found in the engagement you have to ensure to your remote audience through the interactivity of collaboration sessions or all the other solutions that your experience, matched with these tools, will create for them.

The aim of the first seminar was to provide participants an integrated toolbox kit of free and freemium web tools and mobile applications and to give them tips on how to use them effectively in the different steps of event organization.

As promised here are the slides of my first presentation and some photos taken by the same participants during the session (a big thank to my “un-official photographers”). The slides of the second seminar will be published soon.

I apologize with the english speaking readers but this time my slides are in Italian, write me if you are interested in having them translated, but I am sure that the general sense and the names & links of the tools are “universally comprehensible”:

I have also to thank the #eventprofs community because they are my inspiration, a neverending source of interesting news and in-depth articles. Soon I will give credits also to those who published the useful pictures I used in my slides.

I appreciate and look forward to your feedback, comments or other suggestions about good tools (web and apps) that I can review and add to my list.


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