The Tweeting Meeting

Did you read it? 

This book is dedicated to the Meeting Industry to help people involved in organizing meetings to use effectively the Social Networks and it is co-created by 15 authors. Each chapter addresses a specific Social Media area for meetings and events.


  • Research and advice on the use of Twitter during events
  • Leveraging the power of Linkedin and Twitter for networking
  • Use of structured crowdsourcing tools for more effective meetings
  • Crisis management through social media
  • How to accommodate the Generations Y and Z into your events

I’m proud to have been a pre-reader of the book and that my comment is on the back cover. This is what I wrote: “I strongly believe the use of Social Media is connected to the success of each event. The Tweeting Meeting shares the experience and the know-how of brilliant minds. It responds to the big need to be skilled and ready to use these wonderful means effectively”. Stefania Conti-Vecchi, CEO EVENTagist, Italy

I think you should have a look!

Here is a preview:


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