Event Strategist

In an age in which technology, new event formats and social media are evolving at lightning speeds, attitudes and behavior change very quickly… and you need to be ready!

Keeping up with evolution means having access to the tools that can change the way you organize your meetings and events.

Bearing this in mind, a meeting professional strategist will assure that every stage of the process will be managed with the utmost efficacy.

We fix the objectives of the meeting, conference, congress, workshop, education course or whatever format will best fit your needs.

We develop the general strategy and then, step by step, we find the best mix of new technologies and interactive & engaging methodologies.

We write the program, we decide the requirements of the destination and the venue and we manage all the activities necessary to achieve the most effective result


If you don’t want to assign us the entire process, you might choose the option of outsourcing a specific part of the project.

We have the savvy and skills to manage those steps which require specific know-how.

Meeting Architecture

We will find and apply innovative solutions for your event according to the Meeting Architecture criteria and measure the accomplishment of the objectives using the Return on Investment (ROI) methodology.


Our Strong Points:

We know how to organize innovative meetings and events mixing new technologies with interactive and engaging methodologies.

We create and develop with our clients communication and Social Media strategies and campaigns with our clients, specially targeted for the Meeting Industry.

We coach and partner clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their professional potential. We support them in the selection of new tools and proper solutions in order to optimize their management structure and facilitate the organization process of meetings and events.

We design and develop co-creative learning and interactive activities to ensure both the engagement and high level of attention of your participants.

We can help you transform your live event into a hybrid, paying attention to every single tech or non-tech detail.

We can support you in designing and implementing event applications for mobile devices.


Methodology Meets Technology

We organize training sessions, workshops and seminars for professionals of all experience levels.


Our Training Topics

  • Meeting Design
  • Trends & innovation in meeting and events
  • Digital marketing and social media 
  • Virtual and Hybrid meetings
  • Tech solutions, web tools and mobile applications for meetings and events
  • Coaching for speakers and moderators
  • Associations and companies coaching for the implementation of strategies and solutions
  • Collaboration and engagement


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