A new professional role behind the name EVENTAGIST

EVENTagist started thanks to an idea, an intuition and a lucky meeting among meeting professionals with relevant experiences and backgrounds. Specifically the name of the company came out from a nice chat with a smart colleague, in London during a conference. He made me think about these two words:


Have a look at what we do and choose what best fits your needs.

Our community

Our International Community allows us to do away with boundaries and to sustain you where and when needed. We choose the best strategies to achieve your company’s objectives organizing conventional and unconventional meetings&events, using the most innovative techniques and tools, creative marketing campaigns and advanced interaction methodologies.

The network is made up of meeting professionals with fresh ideas from across the globe; it is a new cross-disciplinary network of talent, experience and knowledge that makes the difference in our product and services.

This is how we give our clients a competitive advantage.

Ours is a network of partner organizations driven by individuals who are experts and passionate about what they do, believing in quality and innovation as strongly as we do.

They are smart, talented and creative and one of the benefits is that most of us occupy different areas of expertise and that we’re united by a common enthusiasm for what we do.

We chose to work with our partners because they are among the best of the meeting industry and we would like to continue developing our community of cooperation welcoming other well skilled eventprofs. Would you like to join us?

Let’s meet…

…face to face for a coffee at the next tradeshow or conference?

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This is me

When people ask me about myself and my job, at trade shows, conferences or other business meetings, I like playing with them telling the story of my change of career.

“one day in your life you wake up and ask yourself: what would you like to do when you grow up?”

I know that I am already a grown up but this is really what happened to me even if I was happy with my previous job!

I consider myself lucky.

I started working in the meeting industry when I was really young. After many years of enthusiastic work facing challenges for new and always more prestigious job tasks, just when I was the director of the Sardinia Convention Bureau something triggered me.

Actually I really enjoyed that job, it helped me to develop my knowledge, my expertise and most of all my network… but, having an innate curiosity and hunger for innovation, a love of learning, experimentation and creativity I knew something had to be changed.

I thought long and hard about what to do and why.

I’m a creative thinker, an innovator, a strategist and a problem solver… and looking at the market I had an intuition, I saw a space, the right space for professionals with my background and another more effective and satisfying way to do business with my expertise.

If you wish to get me know better you can visit my Linked-in profile http://it.linkedin.com/in/stefaniacontivecchi